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ARMSA's environmental consulting capabilities are reassuringly sector focused and are designed to compliment ARMSA's range of expertise. You will find that our clients' needs play a prominent role in deciding our capabilities enabling us to offer the following services for high consequence industries.  

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) & Environmental Planning

EIAs allow informed decisions to minimise the environmental impacts of a development and are a key factor in facilitating planning approval. In order to ensure the success of your planning application our EIA capabilities include:
  • Conducting assessments of your environmental baseline condition
  • Screening to determine the legal requirement for the level of EIA
  • Conducting scoping studies to identify the potential environmental impact developments
  • Developing mitigation measures for potential issues identified
  • Creating Environmental Enhancements to increase the appeal of the proposal to planning regulators
  • Consulting with key stakeholders (including regulators and those potentially impacted by the development)
  • Submission of Planning Applications, Appraisals, Assessments and Appeals.

Environmental Auditing

Our services will allow you to establish the status of your company’s compliance with current and future environmental legislation and regulations, avoiding prosecution and potential fines from regulators.
We can also review your existing Environmental Management Plan, or System, your Management Instructions and lower levels documents such as job specifications, along with the success of their implementation. 

Biodiversity Management

Many developments encounter protected species or habitats that can delay the programme of work, frequently at a high associated cost. Our Biodiversity Management capabilities facilitate the achievement of clients’ objectives whilst minimising ecological impacts. These include:
  • Protected Species Surveys (bats, badgers, great crested newts, water vole, reptiles etc) and licence applications
  • Ecological Clerk of Works and species translocation
  • Development of Ecological Mitigation Measures
  • Creation of Environmental Enhancements. audit and provide practical advice on the application of permit to work systems.

Environmental Management Systems (EMS); Implementation and Auditing

Our EMS Services include the implementation of an EMS, which aligns your environmental requirements with your operational and organisational systems, reducing the environmental impacts, ensuring legal compliance, increasing resource efficiency, resulting in financial savings and enhancing your business’s reputation.
We also offer an auditing service to ensure that your EMS is functioning at an optimum level and allowing for continual improvement, which is one of the main objectives of the formal ISO 14001 accreditation for Environmental Management Systems.

Waste Management

Effective Waste Management is more than just legal compliance. Whilst it is essential to avoid prosecution, a well designed Waste Management Plan can increase efficiency, reduce costs and also generate revenue from the selling of ‘waste products’ following the identification of an appropriate buyer.
Our Waste Management services include the assessment of existing waste management provisions and the subsequent recommendations for improvement or the preparation of a new Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP) which providing a structured approach to the management of materials supply, storage and handling of waste.

New Developments -  Carbon Management

We are currently developing a suite of Carbon Management services that will include:
  • Climate Change Policy advice to assist compliance with existing legislation and also facilitate Best Available Techniques, enabling our clients to become pioneers in their sector.
  • Carbon Footprinting to manage your existing footprint, reducing it and reporting this accurately to a third party.
  • Carbon Credit Generation & Emissions Trading; facilitating the trading and selling of allowances to provide our clients with a potential source of additional project funding and assist them in meeting their emissions limits and targets.conduct process safety audits against national and international benchmarks. 


Our Environmental Capabilities 

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